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The Conspiracy of: Global Dictatorship, Politicians, Multinationals, Trade Unions, Interest Rates, Education, Banks, Money, Free Trade, Stock Markets, Privation, Debt, War, Unfair Competition, Suppressed Inventions & Much More
one world government conspiracy

Conspiracies, Global Dictatorship, Politicians, Multinationals, Trade Unions, Interest Rates, Education, Banks, Money, Stock Markets & Much More Very brief overview and short summary of these pages.

Summary & explanation of many deceptions.
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 multinationals raise prices This is a detailed summary with many conspiracies dealt with in a relevantly short article. Many people are not aware of the extent of current problems. There are solutions and hope offered, with simple ways to improve life. We need to understand the dangers and problems to avoid them and find solutions.

Detailed Summary

 multinationals raise prices Most multinationals, politicians and banks are controlled by a corrupt system, with ties to one world government initiators. Those with high profits that don't benefit the needy are almost certainly controlled by a corrupt system. Only a few have escaped corruption and care about poor people.

distractions There are many distractions that the world system uses. Most people are deceived that almost everyone must seek paid work doing anything at all and then spend most of their spare time enjoying themselves. They are deceived into doing many unnecessary things such as educating themselves in things that they don't really need to know, making things look better than they need to be, or buying unnecessary possessions that take time to maintain. Most people making excess money are also participating in an excessive amount of entertainment or recreation. They also buy possessions that are more expensive and with more features than what they need. Therefore multinationals are making the average person poor and more vulnerable to losing their property, and being taken over by banks or multinationals. Unnecessary borrowing and spending, gives the powerful more power. Instead, people should be encouraged to freely help small businesses and poor people, and should be a Godly influence in the world.

shares media Banks and multinationals have shares in many companies, including the media. Therefore banks and multinationals can control and dictate the terms and the running of companies. This works to ensure that companies will give their alliance to the banks and multinationals, and the companies will openly support or, at least, not oppose the banks and multinationals philosophies, so that public outrage will be minimized (7).

 banks and multinational shares Banks and multinationals have shares and vested interests in each other, so the promoting of each others philosophies, and the forming of more mergers are certain. The leading one world government initiators have shares in many banks and multinationals (8). Their influence is sure to lead to one world government control (16).

 lobby groups Many political parties and lobby groups are either ignored by politicians or the media, or are given bad publicity to turn people off, and are branded with names such as "extreme or right wing."  This is causing divisions between minor parties and can lead to their demise. Unity of these parties could cause defeat of the major parties, or slow the one world plan. Therefore their downfall is to the advantage of the powerful (9)

 politics Some of the ways governments are corrupted are: * 1. Policies are often suggested by corrupt bureaucrats who could have links and interests in the powerful who control them. * 2. Newly elected members of parliament are lectured that they must vote as the party dictates and forget about serving their electorate (10). * 3. Banks and multinationals are donating large sums of money to the major parties to keep them on their side (11). They finance who they want to be leader, so the people on their side will win (11.5a ).

Politicians Candidates are chosen by the corrupt political parties in power, and not by the people. Politicians and highly paid public servants are increasing their own salaries, while cutting the benefits to the poor.
 political parties The public votes for corrupt political parties because they are deceived that smaller parties or independents will not have any influence. Large corrupt parties have more money to advertise with to deceive people into believing that there is no better alternative. Quality independents and new parties would have a chance and be able to influence the balance of power if people voted for them. Many people are dissatisfied with the government but they still vote for them.

 world government The education system and media are controlled by the corrupt, rich, and powerful conspirators who are planning a One World Government. Those conspirators are in the leading positions of governments, and are gradually increasing their education and infiltration of society through the media and the education system. (12) They are educating people in a corrupt way to distract them from the truth, and to get them to support their philosophies, and to contribute to their system and coming dictatorship. The content of this education includes sex, violence, fiction, evolution, idolatry, witchcraft, and, the main lie - suggesting that the purpose of life is to make and keep money.
 world government It is good to study true and useful things. But for many reasons it is strongly advised not to have your education at a Government or non-Christian school or university. Public non Christian schools and universities teach unnecessary things to people who would not normally be interested in them, although those things are of use to some. People are denied the opportunity to learn what is useful to them as a result. I enjoyed practical maths and physics, but others didn't. They would have been better off doing something else such as practical work, even if it meant that they left school. Instead these people often slowed the class down and misbehaved due to lack of interest. The high-pressure system deceived them that they had to get a high mark to compete to make excessive money in corrupt professions. This is assisting the Illuminati and Satan.
 world government A Christian school would be great for everyone. It could still teach the marvels of practical maths and proven science to glorify the creator, for those who are interested. But it would take out unnecessary theory, fiction, serious competition, pressure, bad company and the deceptive teaching that mans evil philosophies are good.

aids diseases Sources indicate many diseases such as AIDS, are deliberately engineered to control and weaken the population. Harmful products and foods are allowed, so people get sickness and cancer. People are deceived into believing things such as medical drugs, fluoride dissolved in water and some vaccines are good, but all they are doing is helping the multinational drug companies gain more wealth and power. Also these toxins destroy people's health so they are easier to control. (12.3)

 government If people work hard as a volunteer worker or in a small business earning little money or losing money, they are discriminated against. They are influenced to do wrong by the government, who practically force them to state they are not working, in order to obtain government assistance that they need to survive. The government's definition of working means "earning a considerable income". It does not mean honest work, defined by the Bible, which is freely helping others and informing people of the truth. The government is therefore motivating people to try harder to make money, which causes greed, and distracts them from the main purposes of life. Instead of letting people freely help others, the government is forcing people to participate in work, study and training schemes that are often of little use, and people often do not want to do them.

 gradualism If the one world government's doctrines or laws were introduced suddenly or obviously, many people would react against their satanic laws or teachings. Often their laws or philosophies are brought in by stealth, such as by backing off and later getting results by another means, or by taking one step back and two steps forward. This is called gradualism. Convincing most of the world that they are correct will all but hand them complete power, and morally destroy society so that it is weak and vulnerable.

 weapons and gun laws The goal of the world government is to remove the weapons of citizens, so that they can more easily persecute and exterminate anyone who resists their control (12). Many people think that they will be safer if anti gun laws are introduced, but the opposite is the case. If firearms are banned, criminals or invaders will still retain or obtain them illegally anyway, and other people will be a greater temptation and target for them. Criminals and invaders will know that the majority of people have no defence.  Governments are sharing defence ties and giving their arms to international peace keepers (13). Disarmament will stop countries resisting when the powerful take over (11.5b).

 money lending Countries are lent money for corrupt practices, such as fighting wars. This puts them more into debt, and hence they will come under greater control by international laws and the one world government (14), (23).

 sanctions Countries are threatened with sanctions or no more loans if they don't comply with a world order (42). Governments or leaders are brought down if they don't abide by international agreements (43).

 power The Hidden Power article (14.5) has very strong proof of this and the following 12 points. Please judge for yourself about what the report says. I have briefly summarized what it says below but there is much more. It is worth spending a few days to read it. It claims all the recent wars over about the last 200 years were deliberately caused by the international bankers and people trying to control the world. The article states the wars were deliberately funded and agitated by hate propaganda through the conspirators' media.
 power Boom and bust cycles along with the depressions, stock market crashes and wars are deliberately caused to cause people to lose money to the conspirators. They also weaken the people and tame governments into accepting the conspirators' solutions.
 power The history books controlled by the conspiracy do not tell the full truth on why many events happen. For example the conspirators blame slavery for the American civil war but the real reason was to establish a central bank in the USA and to force a war to enable them to lend money at interest. The war caused a need for the North to borrow money and the bankers bribed congress that a central bank was needed for this and also threatened congress and senators. The North won and the bank was established.
 power The conspirators bribed members of the government by paying them and having them work for the bank. Intense deceptive media publicity convinced the public and politicians of the benefit of the Federal Reserve Act. It was done in ways such as by lying and saying that the banks will reduce boom and bust cycles. The Federal Reserve Act was passed near Christmas when few people were present to vote against it.
 power Hitler was funded by the USA and Britain to create a bigger war. The U.S. government controlled by the bankers conspiracy, wanted Hitler to invade America but he declined due to the risk of the number of Americans with guns. The U.S. government also encouraged Japan to invade Pearl harbour to get America into the war.
 power The bankers funded Arab and Japanese companies to buy up property around the world so the bankers could gain more control of it.
 power Manipulation of agriculture has and will be used to force the population to accept the conspirators' demands such as having to surrender guns to get food.
 power The U.S deliberately tried to lose the Korean and Vietnam War so the communists would remain with territory. The war was to make it acceptable to fight under NATO and UN command.
 power Although involved with the conspiracy since his initial rise to power, President Kennedy was killed by an agent of the conspiracy for wanting to pull out of Vietnam and printing silver currency.
 power Many countries now with conflicts had peace until the influence of International Bankers Conspiracy.
 power The collapse of the Soviet Union was a hoax to fool the world into a false sense of security and also to slowly cause the world to accept communism. The bankers funded the Soviet Union to create an arms race, which cost time and money. Also it caused the nations to gladly surrender their arms in the name of peace so that the goal of a one-world army could be formed under the control of the United Nations.
 powerIn World War 2 the US and British government controlled by the bankers succeeded in getting the Soviet Union to control much of Eastern Europe.
 power They can control the weather for Biological warfare. They are deliberately ruining the environment to gain more control.

 peace agreements People will be fooled that a one world government will bring peace, and surrender to it believing that it will improve things (16). A convincing peace treaty will fool the nations. International peace plans give a false sense of security to fool the nations into thinking that things are going well. This false sense of security and peace will make takeover and integration easier (17). Nations will therefore easily surrender sovereignty by disarmament, sharing of defence and police forces, and by sharing of assets and foreign ownership to those controlling one world government.

 banks and money creation Banks create money out of nothing and lend it to people (18). The people are deceived that they will make a profit, but all they will end up doing is paying the bank the interest, and often all their property, which the bank claims upon bankruptcy. Being given easy loans for some things is encouraging people to waste money and to get into debt and lose property to the bank. On the other hand, banks are not lending money to many people who need it for a good or practical purpose. Companies with potential are often forced into bankruptcy, so the bank ends up with everything.
 banks To destroy small businesses and gain more assets, banks even close some companies down when they are on the brink of success
 money printing Governments are printing little of the money put into circulation. Instead it is mostly put into circulation by banks, as interest bearing debt.  They demand the money they create back, together with interest. Banks are therefore owning a greater percentage of the property and money in circulation, and hence are getting a greater share of the world's wealth and power. It can be said that banks are creating money for themselves. The fact that banks are creating more for themselves with our money is giving most of us less and less.
It is also a major contributor towards inflation.
 banks advertising Banks are spending enormous sums on money on advertising to create a good image and to get customers
(20). They are hurting the poor by charging them excessive bank fees. In the case of many banks you can actually lose money in a small savings account. Staff reductions, automatic teller machines and charges for over the counter service are making the cost to the banks less. At the same time the rich executives are claiming pay rises at the community's expense (21).
 interest rates The chief economists, government and banks deceive the people that we need their corrupt economic policies. They say that they have to raise interest rates if inflation or employment increases.
They never mention the obvious solution of cutting unnecessary costs and taxes, or acknowledge that increasing interests rates will increase costs. If banks stopped creating money for themselves, we would have much less damaging inflation. All that the increase of interest rates will do, is to send more citizens broke and cause them to lose their properties to banks and multinationals. Unnecessarily high interest rates are giving corrupt lenders, central banks and communists central power over people's lives.
 private banks Instead of the current private banks creating money and charging high interest rates, the government should create low interest loans for honest, practical small businesses or people with projects used to help others. This would cause less inflation. The media or politicians who say this is not a good idea are probably controlled by, and have interests in, the banks.

 debt Every country in the world is in debt to the banks (11.5c ). Governments are therefore having to increase taxes and sell assets, and they give no assistance to their local people in order to pay back the debt (23). This is a major reason behind the massive poverty and starvation in the world.

subdivision restriction Governments are restricting the number of subdivisions so that people will be forced to pay high rent to rich landholders. In many cases landlords charge more than they need to for rent. This is sending people broke. Councils are amalgamating and being forced to police the global demands of the World Trade Organization. International laws are overturning local ones. Councils are threatened with funding cuts if they don't amalgamate or except the global demands. (24)

 regulations Small businesses compete against multinationals and form a resistance to globalization. Therefore it is in the interests of those with power to destroy them. This explains why so many small businesses are not surviving, and why governments are making it difficult for them. Unnecessary government regulations are destroying small businesses by taking unnecessary time, and causing prohibitive expense (25). Many new environmental regulations destroy small businesses but do little to help the environment (26). Small businesses have a disadvantage over larger firms in that they can't afford adequate resources for efficiency, such as equipment and staff. Also they don't benefit from the discounts of bulk buying as much as big businesses, which buy larger quantities. They are also burdened with unnecessary paperwork and taxation. The system also encourages the competition of too many similar industries which crush each other. A simple system of fair regulation and working together as explained at would solve these problems.

 multinationals raise prices Predatory pricing is used by Large businesses which give massive discounts. This practice helps to destroy independent small businesses which can't compete by selling for low prices. When the small businesses are forced to leave, the large ones often increase prices to higher than they were previously set by the small businesses. Therefore they gain greater monopolies and power. (27)

 price fixing Price fixing is also occurring between large companies so that they get greater profits from their overpriced products. The powerful control the cost and supply of essential items that they monopolize.

 deregulation Deregulation of primary products is enabling multinational retailers to get products much cheaper, at the farmers' expense.  In addition to sending many farmers broke,  it is putting out of business small retailers of primary products, as they cannot buy the primary products much cheaper with deregulation.  Once the small businesses go, the large retail monopolies increase prices to the consumer.  Deregulation is about to widen. (28) 

 statistics To avoid public outrage and maintain power, governments and world government people state in their figures that everything is going well, despite the fact that they are creating problems, and things are worse than they make out.
 multinationals raise prices The true unemployment rate is much higher than the official rate, and does not include workers that have been dropped out of the labor force, those underemployed, and those with subsidized jobs
(29). People, including pensioners, students, and many small businesses, are also on government benefits.  Some people don't believe in claiming government assistance, despite being entitled to it.
 job figures The government often says how many more new jobs they have created, but they are destroying more than they create
(30). They destroy many jobs so that they can say they create a few in a similar profession.
 gdp Other figures such as GDP give a false impression. For example creating problems and cleaning them up again (e.g. pollution) increases GDP. Hence deliberately creating problems can make the economy look good. Detrimental things such as cutting down trees, buying fast foods and medical spending increase GDP.
 economic growth Economic growth is good  in some countries due to consumers borrowing money. It is a measure of how much more wealth and power the powerful are gaining.  It is not indicating that the average people are well off or making profits. They are only sinking deeper into debt
 small business It is often stated how well businesses and the economy are going. Many are given the wrong impression that small businesses and the majority of people are going well because of this. But the reverse is true, as big businesses and monopolies make up most of the trade, and are about the only ones that significantly effect economic figures.
foreign shareholders Royalties and wealth generated by local assets are going to the foreign owners and foreign shareholders, and not to needy local citizens.

 get big Businesses and clubs are threatened by the powerful to get big or get out (33). They have to hand over their sovereignty and agree with the larger corrupt ones to merge. Larger businesses can easily amalgamate with multinationals.

Multinationals only need to employ a small number of people. The destruction of small businesses along with mergers, and the increasing size of multinationals, is causing mass layoffs of staff and adding to unemployment and poverty (34). Large multinationals have the funds, and therefore they can rely on automation, and can relocate to find slave labor. 

welfare The increasing number of people on welfare, and the gaining of wealth in the hands of multinationals who avoid tax, is forcing governments to enforce consumption taxes. This is because the number of people paying income tax is reducing. Consumption taxes will only hurt the poor, increase costs and destroy small businesses (35). There are too many taxes. The cost of complying with and enforcing taxation is therefore a major problem which is draining the economy (36)

 small business destruction The destruction of small businesses and employment is causing more people to rely on government welfare. Therefore the government can control people to do what it wants, or their payments may be threatened. People are being forced to abide by government terms (37).

 free trade The increase of free trade and globalisation is suiting multinationals and monopolies, and destroying small businesses who can't compete. Free trade reduces production of quality products and destroys a country's industries, lowering the standard of living in the area. Unemployment increases further when multinationals change to automation and slave labor, particularly in Third World countries. Free trade and globalization is also paving the way for a one-world economy, currency, and government with only the multinationals doing the buying and selling. (38)
 free trade Multinationals gain ultimate power over consumers by producing substandard products that have to be replaced in a short time
(50). Quality, low-cost products and inventions are suppressed so that the population is forced to rely on the multinationals. Global and free trade, which favors the multinationals, leads to products of poorer quality and selection. As a result, many consumers will find it difficult to trust producers, including small firms which are still making good products.      
 international agreements International agreements deceive the public that free trade and greater production rights given to the third world countries will help poor people in the third world countries, but instead they will only help multinationals with monopolies, who exploit almost all slave labor and destroy small businesses who can't compete
 imports Buying imported mass produced products seldom helps small businesses, small manufacturers or the average person in the countries they are made in. Most products are produced in free trade zones by corrupt multinational companies. Buying their products will only increase their power and make countries less independent.
 Lima agreement Products have to be imported into countries under the Lima agreement, even when the country produces the product it has to import
(39). This practice is destroying local producers through diseases which are brought in, and through the fact that local producers can't compete against the cheap imports of multinationals.
 foreign aid People are deceived into thinking that giving aid to the third world will help the poor people of those countries. Sources indicate that aid does more harm than good
(40). Although some aid does help the poor, mostly it is only helping multinationals and corrupt governments to exploit the poor. Foreign aid is making corrupt governments in the third world richer and able to misuse the money on the wrong things, such as by funding wars. Aid is also enhancing the authority of the world bank over the economic policies of many countries. Banks are therefore gaining control over governments.

 cashless society A one world dictatorship and new monetary system will soon prevail. Therefore existing savings may be declared worthless. Deceiving people into investing money in multinationals and banks will give the powerful greater power, and they will soon take our money and not give it back.
    An individual would be better to withdraw it and use for a good purpose, such as by helping those in need and informing people of the truth.
    We are heading for a cashless society, where soon everyone will be forced to have a mark on their right hand or forehead to buy or sell. The Bible predicts that the Beast or Antichrist will fool the elect of many religions that he is God by doing miracles and promising peace. He will break his peace agreement and totally rule the world. He will force everyone to worship him and accept a satanic mark on their right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell (Rev 13). This will probably be an embedded computer chip. It will be better to die and be with Christ instead of taking the mark and worshipping the beast, which will cause you to be eternally separated from Christ. There is more information at
   There is strong evidence that the Illuminati have well planned this system of a satanic one-world government. People will be led to believe it is a good idea, as it will save or prevent; money being stolen, credit cards being lost, paper checks, tax evasion, handling cash and currency fluctuation.

 investors The governments of many countries are selling assets to multinational foreign investors, who are gaining greater control over these countries as a result (23).  The foreign investors are paying little, if any, tax, so royalties and wealth go to foreign investors instead of the local citizens (41). Foreign investment is seldom beneficial, as it is not normally about honest companies investing in poor innovative businesses who need help to get a project started. Instead, it is mainly about large multinationals controlled by banks, that buy ownership of the major assets of a country.  Governments are privatizing and selling off local assets to corrupt multinationals, who can control prices the way they want.  The multinationals may ultimately sell out and merge with the world government initiators, who are partly controlling the multinationals now.  The world government will then be in control of every country's assets. Countries sell their assets to pay off their debt. If they don't surrender their assets and sovereignty to the powerful, they won't receive any funding or loans.

 stock market People are placing to much money in an overvalued USA stock market, and putting their faith in companies which are losing money, in a hope that the companies will go well. Most of the money people are investing in the stock market is money they have borrowed (41.5). Personal debt has increased rapidly lately. Increasing debt is causing the strong growth and investment in shares. This is giving more power to the powerful who could crash the market anytime and gain complete power. However, globally the world's economy is forecast to deteriorate, which probably will send the over valued Dow Jones crashing, when people suddenly wake up to the crisis. All these things could cause a domino effect of panic around the world, which could destroy the world's economy.  Investing is mostly about greed, and not about using money to inform people of the truth and do God's will. The stock market is overvalued and rigged. The increasing debt burden, and other disasters mean that a near crash is likely. A crash will only help the multinationals to gain greater control, as the small businesses and citizens will lose their property to banks and multinationals as a result. The global economy can be rigged to surge and crash when panic is engineered (15). Panic and a crisis will give a reason for complete control, and the people's acceptance of one world government solutions and power. It is therefore certainly in the interest of world government initiators to deceive people into investing in banks and multinationals. People are mislead into believing that the share market will continue to rise in the long term. However the bubble must burst and share prices will not recover when, according to the Bible, catastrophic events will destroy the earth's wealth.

 world heritage Those trying to form a one world government are writing off a country's debt in exchange for land - as world heritage. Therefore more of the world is coming under one ownership (23).
   Conservation is good but world heritage is locking up tracts of land under foreign control. The green and environmental groups would be better off encouraging primary producers to protect the land by giving them incentives to do so. Land converted to World Heritage and National Parks is being mismanaged so that it is in a worse state than when it was managed by small landholders. Farmers are being evicted and roads are being closed.

 sanctions Countries are threatened with sanctions or no more loans if they don't comply with a world order (42). Governments or leaders are brought down if they don't abide by international agreements (43).

 justice system The justice system is corrupt, as it often gives people unfair or delayed trials and makes decisions which are not in the national interest. Criminals are often let off lightly, or not imprisoned, while many innocent people are often detained for years. High costs, duplication and retrials advantage the rich. There are conflicts of interest between judges and those controlling the system. People are wrongfully convicted. Defamation laws suppress corruption by causing people and the media a fear to speak out.

 united nations The linked organizations planning or causing a one world government include the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the Trilateral commission, the International Monetary Fund, the Fabian Society, the World Bank, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the Club of Rome, the World Council of Churches and the Illuminati (44), (12), (12.5), (11.5).

 illuminati Many reports claim that the Illuminati are the main group trying to form a one world government. However other reports also suggest that a Jesuit-Vatican connection has been the major force (44.3). These organizations are planning the merging of many faiths into the apostate one world church that will be serving Satan. The New Age movement is also part of the plan. They are controlled by Satan and are linked to the above organizations. The above organizations have introduced satanic symbols and systems all around us, and their plan is to cause the world to worship Satan. They control peoples minds in many ways including addiction, drugs, music, entertainment, hypnotism, creating confusion and making the system more complex and difficult than it needs to be. They have undercover agents who often don't know who they are really working for. Their societies are highly secretive. Few people, including the media know or indicate that their members are the richest people in the world. (44.7), (11.5)

 millennium bug The millennium bug caused enormous cost to the small businesses and governments which purchased compliant equipment. These costs have destroyed many firms. The multinationals will get a greater share when smaller firms disappear. Multinationals made great profits from the millennium bug in computer related equipment sales. Some believe that the millennium bug could have been deliberately rigged to favour more computer related sales. Unnecessary spending on the Y2K bug has increased debts and therefore given the powerful greater control.

 casinos and gambling Governments are collecting more taxes, without raising income tax, by making the sport of gambling more available and attractive to people. Despite false promises of winning, people almost always lose. Money which could be used to buy practical products or services from small businesses is wasted as a result. Therefore both the gamblers and the small businesses are worse off, and lives are destroyed by addictive habits. Gambling is a good way to distract people from what is really going on.

 ufo's Some claim that UFO's are made by extra terrestrial beings for purposes which are covered up by the government, but they are probably made by highly trained experts in military bases. When one world dictatorship comes, leaders may use UFO's to cover up their schemes, and they may claim the influence of extra terrestrial help in peace issues to cloud the real issues. This will deceive the public into accepting their plans. (45.5)

 genetic engeering Genetic engineering is giving the multinationals power over food, crops and farmers. It is largely untested. The aim is so that the multinationals can make profits instead of benefiting the needy. Patents on the technology make it illegal (or impossible due to sterilization) for farmers to save, replant or share GMO's seeds. Before every harvest, the farmer will therefore have to buy seed from the multinationals. Genetically engineered crops could destroy organic ones, due to cross-pollination. This could also harm native species and create super-weeds. Organics are becoming more popular. Many foods don't indicate that they contain genetic contents on the label. Despite imposing an environmental and health risk, multinationals are increasing the use of GMO's. The green revolution of the 60's was only about crossing related species, which is often natural. The problem is not the lack of good food in the world; it is the corruption affecting the distribution system. As well as those who are corrupt, there are many honest victims starving. (46)
green revolution For best results the green revolution relied on expensive fertilizers, chemicals and machinery that were cheaper for the larger farms that bought in bulk. It was often not economical for the smaller ones who had to pay higher costs and interest and receive fewer subsidies. People either had to expand into super farms or get out of the industry in order to remain profitable. Lower profits per unit did not affect larger farms, which had greater turnover and capital. They did not have to be as efficient as smaller farms to survive, and they had more influence over government policy. As fertilizer was increased, the production per ton of fertilizer fell. Increasing amounts of fertilizers were needed to prevent soil nutrient decline. More pesticides were needed to overcome resistance. This degraded the land and damaged the environment so in many cases the long term yields fell after peaking. Apart from China where there was a dramatic fall, the number of hungry people increased during the green revolution. It may have been the Chinese revolution and not the green revolution that made the difference. Small farms went bankrupt, people moved into the cities, unemployment increased, food distribution became more uneven and poverty increased. Large farms made large profits and often linked with or became multinational companies. (46.2)

wage rises In countries with high standards of living, people are often deceived that they will be better off with wage rises, but this will only increase costs and unemployment. They will also destroy the export industry, small businesses and the economy. Once small businesses go, and monopolies take control, there will be mass unemployment and maybe even more slave labor. Therefore if we want good living conditions, we need small businesses to survive in an efficient low cost and low wage environment. In countries of high standards of living we should be lobbying for lower costs of goods and services, and not higher wages.  As wages are too high in richer countries, making money is mostly about greed, or taking more than enough to live on. This is sending many of the hardest working people into debt and unemployment, while less hard working and fraudulent people are making a fortune. Sources indicate that almost all small businesses are losing money while often skillfully working over 60 hours a week. This is mainly due to high costs, rent, wages and interest rates, along with corrupt governments, multinationals and unfortunate circumstances.

 inequality The system also encourages membership of evil organizations that disadvantage needy, hard working people such as small businesses, pensioners, unpaid volunteers and sincere unemployed people who seldom earn more than a pension. These organizations support income rises for semi rich people and not small businesses, pensioners, unpaid volunteers and sincere unemployed. Therefore they help approximately the richest 5% of people in the world at the expense of the poorest 95%. They damage the economy with inflation and create poverty. These organizations also encourage selfishness, greed and boasting. They are correct in some ways. For instance they support shorter working hours and oppose globalisation, company mergers and job layoffs. But remember Satan mixes truth with error, so that he can deceive people that he is correct in all ways. The most commonly known of these organizations are the Trade Unions.
 trade unions Trade unions are also responsible for rigging and rorting some elections
(46.4) and some have roots in communism and organized crime. (46.7) The final form of the Illuminati was formed on May the 1st 1776, which is the same day as the trade unions march each year.

 success deception Market promoters tend to give the public examples of successful people, and indicate that if others follow the same formula, it is likely they too will be successful. However few people seriously and successfully promote things. Many people plan to do great things but find their enthusiasm dampened because they are likely to have very few if any people to seriously and successfully promote their product or idea. Actually finding someone who will keep going despite little initial success is very difficult. The other deception is that you are likely to sell some of your products or convince people of your idea if you place an advertisement that many thousands of people will see. What people don't realize, is that you may need to inform about 17,000,000 people to find one person who would actually do something seriously, according to one test or estimate (47). It stated that if a paper was placed in the hands of 17,000,000 one out of every 17 people would have the energy or intellect to read it. Out of the 1,000,000 who do have the energy or intellect, one out of every 100 people would have time to read it. Out of the 10,000 who do have the time, one out of every 100 people will try to do something about it. Out of the 100 who do one out of every 100 people will get enough money to achieve some change. So that is one out of every 17,000,000 people that would actually be able to do something.
 deceptions A fortunate person may only put in a days work and try only 20 people at random to find the right person, and therefore be claimed a success. But another person could spend a lifetime and a million dollars and not find the correct person, therefore they would have failed. This is despite working hard to the best of their ability and seeking advice of the experts. Even if they sent a paper to three million people, they could still have only a 3/17 chance of success if the idea or product, being promoted could broadly apply to anyone. You do hear of the average person getting something going from nothing and making profit, but they either have to be extremely fortunate, or have to have enormous sums of money and spend countless hours to get it going. They would not have time for the more important things of life, and profits are unlikely.

 time Many people are deceived into thinking that tasks will take a shorter time to accomplish than the time they finally do take. As a result many people find themselves trapped in tasks for years that they hoped to accomplish in weeks or months.

 products Some products don't work for most people, but advertising  gives the impression that they do. Therefore it can be said "beware the person who promises you success." 
 positive thinking We are mislead that making money is easy, by hype, promotion of positive thinking, and by proud or dishonest people who say they are making money when they are not.
Of the 5% (approximately) of businesses that succeed, many would be large businesses (48). Many would be corrupt businesses that make their profits dishonestly. Many would sell products that don't work, and deceive people that they do. Many would overcharge on something people want, such as advertising. Many would be providing ungodly goods and services that a corrupt society would consider popular. Therefore the chance of an honest, caring business making it would be much less than 5%. Many small businesses are honestly providing essential goods and services. Therefore they need help, so that they can help the economy, provide jobs and slow monopolisation. Beware of those who have money and don't either use, or plan to use it wisely for God's will.
 failure People get excited when someone succeeds and others think they can do the same. However most people often don't realize that maybe thousands have tried the same thing and failed, despite trying hard. Now you can see why fortunate people have a duty to use their excess money to help others.

 inventions You may think that your product is better than any one else's, and that other people are not as committed as you are. But there are many inventors who have spent thousands of hours or many years to develop brilliant ideas which would have really revolutionised the world. These ideas were ignored much of the time and not wanted. Instead of earning money, inventors often lost thousands of dollars and often everything they owned. Multinationals are about the only ones who can actually do something seriously with a product, but they normally ignore new innovations or steal other peoples ideas to protect their existing interests, and to avoid paying royalties. The massive advertising campaigns of the multinationals are causing the people to spend their money on their products, and there is no way the product of a private innovator can compete. Existing philosophies, entertainment's, fashions, drugs, religions, sex related promotions, etc. are corrupting people so that they don't understand the benefits of things that are worthwhile. People often want to buy products for style rather than for practical reasons. Sources indicate that for every 1000 inventors, only one succeeds to market their invention in order to barely earn a living (49).
 supressed inventions Sources indicate that products to solve most of our problems have been invented, but the inventors have been ordered not to market them, as it would be a threat to existing products. An enormous number of inventions and discoveries have been suppressed. Suppression of many medical discoveries and natural cures help the drug companies to profit and gain control at societies expense. Many people claim free and very efficient energy devices have been invented. They include free energy magnetic gyroscopes, air or cosmos powered energy, water powered engines, highly efficient carburettors, free wireless electricity, cures for cancer and much more. The most common form of suppression is a lack of funding, ridicule or rejection for private inventors and researchers. However if people get enough finance, support and therefore publicity they could be considered a threat to the world system. In these cases inventors and researchers have been physically threatened and even killed. There is much more information on this in many sources.
(51), (12.3)
 supressed inventions
Therefore the products you commonly see are not the best that could be made or have been made. Instead they are the ones the multinationals choose to allow. (26).

 patents People who spend years and enormous sums of time and money to invent useful technology can't maintain ownership without paying enormous fees. They are then forced to lose ownership so any multinational can take their idea. Not enough time is given for inventors to develop and market their products before their patent expires.

 bible Many people would be better off promoting the truth instead of trying to make money. Those who promote truth can say that even if they haven't convinced people, at least they gave them the opportunity to hear the truth, and they are doing God's will. You can't measure success in terms of the number of people you convince. In the Bible, Lot could not convince anyone. Noah's family were the only ones who believed in the whole world, but they could not convince anyone else. However, we still have to try as that is what we are commanded to do. We can do God's will by informing people of the truth, but God does not promise that we will win people over. So if you promote truth and few respond after much effort, keep going as you are still doing God's will. The people and churches who appear to convert many people have a lukewarm ministry which tolerates worldliness and corruption.

 popular Why then are many things popular and successful? Most people in the world are corrupted and believe in the wrong things. Things that are good, practical, Godly, helpful or useful therefore are often not popular. If something is popular it probably is not good.
Luke 16:13 No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
14 And the Pharoses also, who were covetous, heard all these things: and they derided him.
15 And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.

professions The disciples either left their professions or gave most of their money away. Even if they kept their worldly professions, it was only part time. Most of their time was spent trying to proclaim the gospel which could also mean organizing, caring for people or maintaining tools needed for the purpose. So anyone can do God's will in different ways.

 money Now almost everyone is doing the opposite. They are seeking to make money for themselves and not spending their time doing volunteer work to spread the gospel. The wealthy disciples, upon conversion gave their money to help provide for the poorer ones. All worked hard doing God's ministry.

 world system As the powerful societies that influence us are Satanic, the spirit of this world is behind the philosophies that suggest everyone should be trying to earn and keep excess money for themselves and their own family. The same evil spirit is behind most education systems, entertainment, art, culture, fashions, enjoyments and probably almost everything man does or possesses that is not needed for God's will or survival. People are encouraged to make money to spend in these areas, which is taking all their time so that they have no time left to do God's will. It is therefore dangerous to be part of these worldly things, although we still need to get involved with them for the purpose of warning and teaching people the truth.

 christmas and easter Christmas and Easter have to a great extent lost their true meanings and are largely about buying unnecessary products from multinationals. This is giving multinationals more power and causing financial misery for poor people. The commercialisation of Christmas and Easter and buying of Easter eggs and gifts which people don't need etc. are a way for the world system to focus people away from what they should be using their money for.

 solutions and hope There is much hope as you will see in the pages that are linked below.

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Genetic engineering gives multinationals power over food, crops & farmers

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The workforce deception and corruption. The workforce deception and corruption.
Charging money suppresses goods and services. Charging money suppresses goods and services.
Waste is a goal to gain control. Waste is a goal to gain control.
The danger of competition instead of fair regulation. The danger of competition instead of fair regulation.
A conspiracy comparison. A conspiracy comparison.
The answer to a more efficient and happy workforce. The answer to a more efficient and happy workforce.
The big picture of world statistics. The big picture of world statistics.
Corrupt world system deceptions are deceiving the people. Also most multinationals, politicians & banks are corrupt. Corrupt world system deceptions are deceiving the people. Also most multinationals, politicians & banks are corrupt.
Small businesses borrowing & unnecessary distractions, help multinationals & banks take control of property. Small businesses borrowing & unnecessary distractions, help multinationals & banks take control of property.
Banks and multinationals have shares in & control of many companies like the media Banks and multinationals have shares in & control of many companies like the media.
One world government to be hastened by banks and multinationals with shares One world government to be hastened by banks and multinationals with shares.
Political parties & lobby groups ignored by politicians & the media Political parties & lobby groups ignored by politicians & the media.
Political & government corruption. Political donations & control Political & government corruption. Political donations & control.
Corrupt education system conspiracy Corrupt education system conspiracy.
Conspiracies of AIDS, cancer, vaccines, drugs, & fluoride Conspiracies of AIDS, cancer, vaccines, drugs, & fluoride.
Small businesses and volunteer workers discriminated Small businesses and volunteer workers discriminated.
Gradualism is used to introduce satanic doctrines or laws Gradualism is used to introduce satanic doctrines or laws.
Gun laws and control gives one world government power Gun laws and control gives one world government power.
Countries in debt lose control to international laws Countries in debt lose control to international laws.
How the international bankers conspiracy formed banks, suppressed history and caused wars, assassinations and depressions.
How the international bankers conspiracy caused wars, assassinations and depressions.
Peace treaties give false security & hasten one world government Peace treaties give false security & hasten one world government.
Banks create money & lend at interest - Inflation & bankruptcy Banks create money & lend at interest - Inflation & bankruptcy.
Third world debt causes starvation & poverty Third world debt causes starvation & poverty.
Governments are restricting subdivisions & councils are amalgamating Governments are restricting subdivisions & councils are amalgamating.
A conspiracy against small businesses through unfair regulations, taxes and competition.
A conspiracy against small businesses through unfair regulations, taxes and competition.
Predatory pricing. Large businesses destroy small businesses with unfair competition. Predatory pricing. Large businesses destroy small businesses with unfair competition.
Deregulation of primary products cause small business bankruptcies Deregulation of primary products cause small business bankruptcies.
False government figures on unemployment and GDP False government figures on unemployment and GDP.
Mergers & multinationals cause mass layoffs of staff, unemployment, poverty, automation & slave labor Mergers & multinationals cause mass layoffs of staff, unemployment, poverty, automation & slave labor.
Welfare and tax avoidance mean that governments enforce consumption taxes Welfare and tax avoidance mean that governments enforce consumption taxes.
Free trade suits multinationals & monopolies Free trade suits multinationals & monopolies.
A Cashless Society
A cashless society.
Foreign investment & privatisation is selling assets to multinationals Foreign investment & privatisation is selling assets to multinationals.
Overvalued stock market bubble! People are investing borrowed money in shares of companies which are making a loss Overvalued stock market bubble! People are investing borrowed money in shares of companies which are making a loss.
World heritage & one world government World heritage & one world government.
Corruption in the justice or legal system Corruption in the justice or legal system.
Organizations planning a one world government Organizations planning a one world government.
The Illuminati is planning a one world government The Illuminati is planning a one world government.
The Y2K or millennium bug cost small businesses & governments dearly. Conspiracy??? The Y2K or millennium bug cost small businesses & governments dearly. Conspiracy???
Governments are encouraging gambling on poker machines & casinos to raise taxes Governments are encouraging gambling on poker machines & casinos to raise taxes.
UFO's & government conspiracies at military bases UFO's & government conspiracies at military bases.
Genetic engineering gives multinationals power over food, crops & farmers Genetic engineering gives multinationals power over food, crops & farmers.
Wage rises cause inflation, unemployment & small business destruction Wage rises cause inflation, unemployment & small business destruction.
Trade Unions, small businesses, pensioners and sincere unemployed people. Trade Unions, small businesses, pensioners and sincere unemployed people.
Small business and promotion failure rates Small business and promotion failure rates.
Supressed inventions and inventors Supressed inventions and inventors.
Promoting Christian ministry and truth is better than seeking excess money Promoting Christian ministry and truth is better than seeking excess money.
Many powerful societies & philosophies are evil & satanic Many powerful societies & philosophies are evil & satanic.
Christmas & Easter help commercialisation & multinationals Christmas & Easter help commercialisation & multinationals.
A positive conclusion with the solutions. A positive conclusion with the solutions.

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